The other day i said to someone, “Can you believe it’s June already?” And they told me that people say that every month, every single year. I guess that’s just what time and change and new months do to us. Make us reach desperately into the past and cross our fingers that the future will only bring good, sweet, things. Here’s to june and lathering up the sunscreen!

7 of the most rad things to end May with:


1. Beautiful words live on forever. Maya Angelou – you will be truly missed on this planet.














2. If you want something, anything, do the work and earn it. – @CaseyNeistat

3. This weekend i was a bridesmaid (#allmyfriendsareengaged)…

– There’s nothing like spending the weekend laughing and joking and dancing with some of your closest friends in the world

– There was a total of 2 (me + one other person) on the dance floor when they asked for the single ladies to try to catch the bride’s bouquet of flowers. Soon i’ll be the only one and in that case – the bride can leave them on my chair. No need for a whole show!

-I got to wear my own dress as a bridesmaid (which was a lot of fun!) I wore the dress that my mom wore to my Bat Mitzvah 13 years ago!

 4. Happiness in college is…

Joining a fraternity or a sorority? I have to say i totally agree ( if you join for the right reasons). This WSJ article seems to agree.

5. This Is Where I Leave You…

The first time I met Jonathan Tropper, I had a list of 17 questions stored in the front of my memory. I had practiced them in front of the mirror – out loud to myself on the subway.

I wanted to know everything. I wanted to understand him and why and what and how the heck a person writes a book that has the ability to move people’s hearts.

But 5 minutes after I met Jonathan, I ran out of things to say. Which was fine because after my very first “So tell me…” question – he paused, ran his rounded fingers through his bouncy hair and said “I’m no different than you – no smarter, no more driven.”

He’s written a handful of books that hardly anyone read.

“Rejection,” he told me he flicked the silent button on his phone, “will slap you across the face.” And it will, and it has, and sometimes it feels like it doesn’t stop. “But you have to keep on going.”

Eventually, Jonathan wrote This Is Where I Leave You which became a New York Times Best Selling book. It’s not his favorite (it’s not my favorite) – it’s not his best (How to talk to a widower is his best), but he did it. He wrote something that everyone read – and then he cut it up into a screenplay that now everyone is going to watch.

He’s taught me a lot – but if anything, let him teach you what it looks like when you never, ever, give up.

Check out the book + watch the movie trailer!

6. A car that drives itself?

Google is slowly taking over the world…

7. My Dad and I cover ACDC…

It’s worth a watch if you need a good mid-day laugh!



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