I ran my first 5k last Monday.

That might not sound like a lot – but I’ve never run more than a mile in my life. I once tried to do that whole “Couch to 5k” running program, but I very soon gave up the running part for the couch part and the whole thing was a waste.

Running has never been my thing. I love a hard bootcamp or a beginner’s Crossfit class, but ask me to run a mile and I will start to cry. Really, I will.

Some people are “ugly” criers. I am a “running” crier. I cry when I run because my body is yelling at me to stop and I can’t get it to stop, like a good parent does with a screaming baby when they want ice cream but there’s no ice cream within a 5 mile radius of them.

But after finding myself watching a handful of NY Marathons and cheering on the heroic people who run 26 miles, I put “run a 5k” on my bucket list.

I didn’t train for it. In fact, I signed up two days before the race, knowing that If I gave myself more lead time than than, I’d back out. I’d find an excuse. I’d google search too many side effects of running a 5k and call it quits.

I did google “How to run a 5k when you can’t even run a mile.”

An then I went to sleep.

The whole time I was running the 5k, in the pouring rain (of course), I kept repeating out loud to myself, “You can do this. You can do anything.”

And I did. I crossed the finish line laughing, mostly crying, and feeling so freakin proud of myself.

I’m Jen Glantz. I’ve been a published writer for over 13 years, spilling my words into magazines (ranging from style to scuba diving), newspapers, websites and even this one time, a speech, for someone who didn’t speak a word of English. What drives my words, my site, my writing, is the power of relating to people. I find that many people, especially young girls, feel so alone and quite often they feel embarrassed. I want to shatter those feelings! I want them to read what I write and understand that it’s okay to be a little outside of the box, but most importantly, that it is okay to just be who they are.

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