It wasn’t until I was at that age when boys no longer had cooties and a huge part of your social calendar could be filled with holding hands in movie theaters on first dates, that i started to feel a little blah about Valentine’s Day. Before that, I was the girl who brought every single person in the class a card and a piece of chocolate. The one who couldn’t wait for the day to come so she could wrap her arms around the people she loved the most, especially her family, and remind them that life would be nothing without them.

None of that has to change. It shouldn’t matter if you’re swapping saliva with the man of your dreams or sitting on the couch smooching a cupcake all alone. Valentine’s Day is coming up and since there’s no way to escape it – unless you hitch a ride on a space shuttle to Mars. You might as well embrace it.

I’ve teamed up with to help you out.

To show my love to all of you, my loyal readers, i’m giving away a $50 gift card to their website. You’ll find yourself engaging in quite the internal battle over whether to purchase the Wine-O-Saur Bottle Holder, the Warm Or Cool Face Mugs, or the Pick Punch.

If you have no idea what to get the person you love or a person you want to show love to this holiday season, i’ll help you out. Start here, or here, or even here.

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Love is __________.

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I’m Jen Glantz. I’ve been a published writer for over 13 years, spilling my words into magazines (ranging from style to scuba diving), newspapers, websites and even this one time, a speech, for someone who didn’t speak a word of English. What drives my words, my site, my writing, is the power of relating to people. I find that many people, especially young girls, feel so alone and quite often they feel embarrassed. I want to shatter those feelings! I want them to read what I write and understand that it’s okay to be a little outside of the box, but most importantly, that it is okay to just be who they are.

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