Thrive event

Last night i attended an event called “Thrive” – hosted by the lovely Mika Brzezinski and Arianna Huffington.

The event is geared toward redefining success and learning how to live a fuller, more-impactful life.

But really, it’s an event that teaches people – who are often going at speeds of 100 miles an hour – how to slow down every so often.

There were quite a few inspiring speakers last night – but here are the ones that made the butterflies swarm inside my stomach and the tears giggle underneath my eye lids.

1. Maysoon Zayid

She’s a comedian – who just so happens to have cerebal palsy. You can check out her TED talk called ” I’ve got 99 problems…palsy is jut one.

“When I was 33 I decided to get married. I spent $28,000 on being a bridesmaid & I needed my money back” – Maysoon Zayid 


2. Arianna Huffington

I’ve always been inspired by Arianna & made it one of my goals to become a writer for The Huffington Post. That finally happened last year (woohoo!). Arianna speaks with humor, passion, and honesty. It was really cool to see her in person last night.

“Live life as though everything Is rigged in your favor. ” – Arianna Huffington

“Happiness is a skill that we can learn — like playing tennis or golf.” – Arianna Huffington

3. Dani Shapiro

Dani is a writer, who like myself, often pours out her personal stories for the masses to read. She was a very candid speaker who reminded the audience that they can start their day over at any given time – which is an important realization (especially on a Monday!)

“What i’ve learned is that deep inside, while beautifully different, we are also all profoundly the same.”- Dani Shapiro


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I’m Jen Glantz. I’ve been a published writer for over 13 years, spilling my words into magazines (ranging from style to scuba diving), newspapers, websites and even this one time, a speech, for someone who didn’t speak a word of English. What drives my words, my site, my writing, is the power of relating to people. I find that many people, especially young girls, feel so alone and quite often they feel embarrassed. I want to shatter those feelings! I want them to read what I write and understand that it’s okay to be a little outside of the box, but most importantly, that it is okay to just be who they are.

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