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There is a certain thrill that strikes me when I speak in front of a crowd. I spent four years as a campus tour guide (for the second largest University in the nation) and spent a year traveling the country, working for my national sorority, as an educational consultant where i was able to create and present engaging and relatable workshops to audiences of college women.

If you’re interested in a workshop/ motivational talk/or  event host for your organization, class, or sorority on topics ranging from personal and career development to improving your everyday confidence and social skills, e-mail me and let’s chat:


I’ve sprinkled my words across several magazines, newspapers and websites since 2003. My work can be read in publications such as Life Publications, Orlando Style Magazine, Sport Diver Magazine, Central Florida Future Newspaper and South Florida Sun-Sentinel Newspaper. 

I have professional experience providing copy as a freelance writer for magazines, websites, social media outlets and press releases.

If you want to know more about my freelance work, e-mail me and let’s chat: