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“There are two ways to get over the awkward, mind boggling, hide underneath your desk kinds of things that happen to us in life. Laugh about them or write about them. I plead the second.”

- Jen Glantz


Will laugh for pizza.

Jen Glantz is a 20-something writer living in NYC, searching for a guy who will look at her with the same kind of goo-goo eyes with which she looks at pizza. She’s the brains – and the heart – behind the site The Things I Learned From, the author of the Amazon best-selling book, All My Friends are Engaged, the professional bridesmaid from that Craigslist ad that went viral, and the lead guitarist (alongside her dad) in the “Jen Glantz Band“.

Maybe you’ve seen her before on The Huffington Post, HLN, Thought Catalog, xojane, or on a giant  poster hanging outside the New York Public Library where she’s WANTED for an overwhelming amount of unpaid late fees.

After stumbling off the stage at her college graduation 4+ years ago (with two diplomas that are now covered in mothballs along with her pristine Beanie Baby collection and neglected tamagotchis), Jen postmarked herself in  three different states where she’s worked a total of four very different jobs: traveling the country working for a sorority, flipping pages as a magazine editor, hustling on the phone in the world of PR, and now as a script copywriter. Jen started this site in order to relate to her readers through chaotically honest and beautifully raw stories.

She hopes people will read them to feel less alone and fall in love with the gorgeous idea that who you are is wonderful–even if you’re a little bit awkward, a little bit shy, or a little bit different.

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